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The Rocky Mountain Rocket (SL-3)

The Rocky Mountain Rocket

The Rocky Mountain Rocket was a classic stainless-steel streamliner rolling between Chicago and Denver/Colorado Springs on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific. Inaugurated in November 1939, she was the flagship of the Rock Island's fleet of Rockets, and ran on a 19 hour schedule between Chicago and Denver. With E's decked out in a flashy red and maroon accented by aluminium striping, and a luxurious consist built by Budd and Pullman-Standard; the Rocky Mountain Rocket was a favorite way west to the Rockies.

The scene above depicts a typical summer afternoon at Limon, Colorado; complete with a brewing thunderstorm to the west. The Colorado Springs section of the Rocky Mountain Rocket with an AB6 (essentially an E6B with cab controls specially ordered by Rock Island) pauses next to the depot ready for the combining of trains. The Denver section behind the sparkling E6 630 swings past. Both trains will become one, with the AB6 cleverly hidden behind 630 to keep the lines of the streamliner intact. After everyone is aboard, and the last of the baggage is loaded, the Rocky Mountain Rocket will launch out of the town, to leave Limon in its quiet solitude once again.

12x16 Rock Island's Rocky Mountain Rocket (signed) $30.00