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Rio Grande's California Zephyr (SA-8)

Rio Grande's California Zephyr

Snow is falling pretty hard on the front range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains and on the Rio Grande mainline. Soon, the silence heard during a snowfall is broken by the rumble and squeal of the eastbound California Zephyr dropping through Crescent on it's decent into Denver. This is the Rio Grande's Moffat Tunnel mainline, so some snow is nothing new to the train crew aboard F3 5521. But a cozy seat in one of those warm dome cars sure would feel good about now.

12x16 Rio Grande's California Zephyr (signed) $30.00

Rio Grande's Royal Gorge (SL-9)

Rio Grande's Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge was Denver & Rio Grande Western's streamlined replacement for the famous Scenic Limited. Numbered 1 and 2, these trains ran between Denver and Salt Lake City via Pueblo, the Royal Gorge, and Tennessee Pass. In the 1960's, the train was combined with Rio Grande's Moffat Route streamliner, the Prospector, from Grand Junction, Colorado, west to Salt Lake City. In December, 1964, the Royal Gorge was cut back to a Denver-Salida operation, and its final run came soon after in July, 1967.

This scene depicts the Rio Grande's Royal Gorge headed west near Salida, Colorado. High overhead in the background is the beautiful Sangre de Cristo range. A team of Alco and EMD power, a PA1 and an F7B, lead the usual mixed consist including a dome-lounge (built as a dome-observation for Chesapeake & Ohio), with a rebuilt heavyweight Pullman on the rear. The Royal Gorge was not the fastest train between Denver and Salt Lake City, but it traversed some beautiful country, including the 1053-foot-deep canyon walls between Salida and Caņon City from which it took its name.

12x16 Rio Grande's Royal Gorge (signed) $30.00